Candles and Lanterns in Zelda II

Candles and lanterns are a staple of the Zelda series, with their ability to illuminate otherwise pitch black caves. Whether you’re searching for an enemy or a hidden passage, the light of these candles is sure to guide you. This scented candle captures the scent of a fresh cut field and apple, with notes of Epona riding in the wind. This candle is a perfect complement to dinner parties and cozy nights in with your favorite show.


All emberworks candles are made with 100% natural soy wax and a self-trimming wood wick for a clean and even burn. They are paraben free and phthalate free with no dyes or additives. They have a 40+ hour burn time and can be used indoors or outdoors.

In Zelda II, Candles are primarily used to help navigate the dark caves found throughout the game. The first one can be purchased for 60 Rupees from a shop north of the starting point, and it is required to proceed into Parapa Palace. Once equipped, the Candle will fire a flame two spaces in front of Link when pressed. It does not damage enemies, but it can also be used to burn bushes, which reveal secret rooms.

The Blue Candle is also used to access Level 7 in Week 4. To obtain it, head north of the starting point and west a couple screens, then go down a small body of water, count over five shrubs and use the blue candle on them to unlock the secret staircase leading to the level.