How to Find the Perfect Candle Girl Gift

Candles are an excellent gift for just about anyone—they de-stress and unwind, clear up funky odors, set the mood (especially if you’re thinking sexy), and more. But a good one costs a small fortune, plus an arm and a leg, so choosing the right one can feel overwhelming. Thankfully, there are a few simple tips that can help you find the perfect candle for anyone on your list.

For starters, consider the purpose of the room the candle will be placed in. Is it intended for relaxing and unwinding, purifying the air, or simply enhancing the decorative appeal of the space? Next, consider the scents the person likes. Do they prefer fresh and clean, woodsy, or floral? Finally, pay attention to the packaging. A pretty design, or a unique container will make the candle stand out from other options.

If you know the person well, try to pick out a candle that represents something special about them. For example, a candle scented with the distinctive scent of an Anthropologie store is a great way to remind them of a wonderful experience. Or, try a scent from Boy Smells, a queer-owned company that works to break barriers in the fragrance industry by making scents that are “genderful.”

Candles also make excellent gifts for Women’s Month or any time of year. But be aware of a phenomenon known as “scent blindness”: after being exposed to the same scent for a long period of time, people can become so accustomed to it that they no longer notice it. To avoid this, it’s best to switch up your fragrances on a regular basis.