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candle extinguisher

THE CANDLE TOOL: Candle Snuffer

While wick dippers are the new kid on the block, candle snuffers are the original and still one of the best tools to put a stop to your candle flame without producing smoke or messy wax splatters. Simply place the snuffer end over the candle flame and gently lower it until it completely covers and surrounds the flame, cutting off its oxygen supply and causing it to smolder and go out without producing smoke or hot wax. This controlled method of extinguishing your candles helps preserve the aesthetics and integrity of taller, more delicate or ornate candles while minimizing the potential risk of fire hazards.

A candle snuffer consists of a handle with a bell-shaped or cone-shaped metal cap that is designed to be placed over the flame. The handle is used to hold and control the movement of the snuffer over the flame and when lowered, the snuffer’s end completely covers and surrounds the candle’s flame, preventing it from receiving oxygen and suffocating it, effectively stopping its burning. This is a more controlled, precise and safer method than simply blowing out the candle by hand which can result in hot wax splatters, smoke or even the accidental touching of the flame to flammable materials or objects nearby.

Whether you use a snuffer for practical purposes or simply enjoy its elegant appearance, they make a great addition to any candle collection. They also make wonderful gifts for anyone who loves candles, and the wide variety of whimsical and traditional designs available ensures that you’ll find a unique candle snuffer perfect to add to your gift list this season.