Urban Outfitters – Candle-Making 101

Fill your home with entrancing scents and beautiful decor when you light this candle shaped like a statement drinkware piece. Each glass features a rounded shape and single wick to fit perfectly in your favorite taper candles. Finished with picks at the base to secure in place, this unique accessory is an easy way to add color and vibrance to your tabletop. Made vegan and cruelty free.

FROSTING 101 Frosting is a natural and distinctive process that occurs when all-natural soy or beeswax oils crystallize back to their more natural state. It does not change the quality or scent of the candle and is a unique characteristic that only occurs with pure natural products. Frosting can be easily removed by simply warming the candle slightly and wiping with a clean cloth. Frosting can also vary depending on the temperature of the room and where the candle sits during storage.

Introducing kids to candle-making is not only an excellent way for them to exercise creativity and build skills they can use throughout their lives, but it can also be a gateway into entrepreneurship. With proper guidance and planning from their parents, kids who love the craft can even turn it into a business, creating opportunities for them to earn money and gain valuable experience in the industry.